Read This Before You Rehome Your Dog

When we decide to share our lives with a dog, the assumption is that we are gaining a furry family member that will enrich and improve our lives. The bonds that we share with our dogs are incomparable to any other type of relationship in our lives and we anticipate that this bond will be ’till death do us part.’ [Read more…]

What To Know Before Adding A New Dog To The Family

Adding a new dog to the family, whether a puppy or adult, is an exciting experience if you are a pet lover.  The thought of adding a new friend to the family brings about feelings of love and anticipation of the future wonderful memories and experiences that you will share together.

One of the big decisions that must be made before adding that bundle of furry joy to your household is where you will obtain your pup. Many people opt to adopt from a private rescue or Humane Society, while some people choose to purchase a dog from a breeder. Whatever decision you make, let’s go over a few guidelines to make certain that you choose the happiest, most healthy dog that is well suited for your family and lifestyle. [Read more…]

Five Unexpected Benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker


When inviting a professional service into your home, you want to be sure you are gaining a valuable asset to your lifestyle. If you are a pet owner, however, be certain you are gaining a wonderful tool for your life when you find the right pet sitter or dog walker.

Whether you are a 9-to- 5 professional with a new puppy, a retired couple who loves their trips without cats, or a stay-at- home-mom looking for a little help making sure Fido gets his afternoon walk during naptime, read the top five ways Furry Footsteps can benefit you in your daily routine. [Read more…]

February is Pet Dental Health Month

Many of us have experienced the epitome of doggy love; wet slobbery kisses from our four legged friends. Many of us have also experienced the disgust of doggy halitosis when our pets try to share the love with less than fresh breath! While many people believe that doggy breath is normal, bad breath in pets, like their human counterparts, can  signal poor dental hygiene. This can cause severe long term health issues and pets, so good pet dental health is critical for the quality of life of cats and dogs.

[Read more…]

Four Factors to Consider Before You Give A Pet As A Gift

Pug dog wearing Santa hat with two little Persian kittens, surrounded by Christmas ornaments.

It can be tempting to give a cute, cuddly  puppy or kitten as a gift for a holiday or birthday. There are few things that give people warm, fuzzy feelings like snuggling with a plump, sweet  baby pet.  Waking up to a precious puppy under the Christmas tree or a cute little bunny for Easter elicit love and good vibes. However, what happens after the initial exchange of a well meaning live gift can have potentially unsavory consequences for the giver and receiver if a few factors are not taken into consideration before purchasing a pet as a gift for a loved one. 

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