What To Know Before Adding A New Dog To The Family

Adding a new dog to the family, whether a puppy or adult, is an exciting experience if you are a pet lover.  The thought of adding a new friend to the family brings about feelings of love and anticipation of the future wonderful memories and experiences that you will share together.

One of the big decisions that must be made before adding that bundle of furry joy to your household is where you will obtain your pup. Many people opt to adopt from a private rescue or Humane Society, while some people choose to purchase a dog from a breeder. Whatever decision you make, let’s go over a few guidelines to make certain that you choose the happiest, most healthy dog that is well suited for your family and lifestyle. [Read more…]

How Furry Footsteps LLC Rises Above the Rest

One of the first questions a client will ask themselves is, “Is this a professional service I want in my home?”  With so many different individuals advertising their assistance, testimonials of Furry Footsteps LLC years of professional skills show they are more committed and knowledgeable than their competitors.  Here are three families, the stories of their furry friends, and the ways Furry Footsteps LLC has become invaluable: [Read more…]

Why Your Dog Needs Physical AND Mental Stimulation


I have a confession to make. My ‘middle dog’ as I have always referred to her as, was an pup obtained on impulse. 

I ‘rescued’ her from a neighborhood kid that I tutored when I was volunteering for AmeriCorp while attending EMU. We reunited many years later when he, now a teenager, was walking her off leash early afternoon on a sweltering summer day in my neighborhood. I remember my neighbor and I were looking at all the flowers and greenery growing in my butterfly garden at the time. [Read more…]

Allergies in Pets

Many of us can relate to how it feels to be uncomfortable  because of seasonal allergies.  The itching, sneezing and watery eyes can make life miserable for severe allergy suffers.

Did you know that allergies are also extremely common in pets? Like people, pets allergies can be environmental or food related and some pets develop both! I have a dog that suffered from seasonal allergies and some food allergies.  The secondary issues that can develop as a result of allergies, which include secondary infections from scratching

Miss Vicki had unbearable seasonal allergies until I followed an aggressive treatment plan of predominantly alternative allergy therapies.

Miss Vicki had unbearable seasonal allergies until I followed an aggressive treatment plan of predominantly alternative allergy therapies.

and paw licking, ear and respiratory issues can make life very uncomfortable for dogs and cats alike.

” According to a survey conducted by Novartis Animal Health, over half of pet owners aren’t aware their fuzzy family members can also spend the spring season feeling miserable thanks to pollens and other environmental allergens,”  writes Dr. Karen Becker in her article,   “If Your Dog is Itchy or Your Cat is Wheezy, You Need to Read This. [Read more…]

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