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Daily Dog Walking

We are here to help you with all of your daily dog walking needs, and we have many different pet sitting packages to fit your individual needs! We customize our service to offer the ultimate pet sitting experience that will have you wondering why you didn’t use our service sooner!

Cuddly Cat Sitters

Our cuddly cat care is the perfect service for those fluffy felines who deserve the absolute best pampering and playtime. Does your cat have medical needs you are worried about in your absence? We will administer medications at no extra charge. Your kitties will be quite comfortable with our company meeting their needs!

Vacation Pet Sitting

Going out of town for awhile? We’ll visit up to five times per day. This is great for security as you will have someone regularly seen at your home in addition to providing top-notch care for your furry family members! You’ll come home to an environment that is just as, if not, cleaner than you left it.

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More than just pet care!

  • Resources for pet parents
  • Education
  • Community outreach
  • Head-to-Tail evaluation

Serving Ypsilanti, Belleville
and Superior Township

“Furry Footsteps is the BEST! My son was in the hospital, and I couldn’t get home to walk my doggies. I turned to Millicent, and not only did she walk my furry babies, she came to the hospital to pick up and drop off my keys!! Awesome! Thank you!”

                                                     Racheal Dishner Downes

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