Our Dogs Have No Idea There Is A Pandemic: What I Am Learning From Them

I remember when I first saw how fast the latest strain of coronavirus, COVID-19, was spreading throughout China and next, Italy. I thought to myself, “we had better prepare; we are in for a rough time when (not if) it reaches the United States.”

My husband and I watched with dread as the first verified cases reached the United States and then, our area. I immediately felt a sinking feeling in my stomach as I began to think about how it would affect my pet sitting company, Furry Footsteps, LLC.  I was preparing for the oncoming busy vacation season, which is typically my busiest time of year beginning with spring break. I have a ton of clients that reserve their dates for the whole year beginning roughly  the middle to end of December, with bookings really rolling in after the New Year. By the time the virus hit our shores, I had reservations through November. [Read more…]

Read This Before You Rehome Your Dog

When we decide to share our lives with a dog, the assumption is that we are gaining a furry family member that will enrich and improve our lives. The bonds that we share with our dogs are incomparable to any other type of relationship in our lives and we anticipate that this bond will be ’till death do us part.’ [Read more…]

Harness vs. Collar…Which Should You Choose?


Remember…before making the decision to use a harness or collar for walking, always discuss any health issues or special needs with your veterinarian to ensure a healthy exercise regime for your pooch!

“Do you suggest a collar or harness to walk? There are so many choices and D.O.G. pulls!” I have been asked this question many times when consulting with clients whose dogs are lucky enough to be walked by my pet sitting service during their owner’s work day. My answer usually is “It depends!” After all, dogs have different needs based on various factors such as breed, health, temperament and other individual needs. These factors should take utmost priority when deciding if it is best to walk your dog using a collar or harness.

[Read more…]

Keep Pets Safe in Extreme Heat

We are experiencing a hot, dry summer in Michigan this year. As a pet sitter, I am outside for several hours per day, typically seven to ten days in a row.  A typical day consists of 40-100 miles of driving back and forth to appointments and I walk/jog/run (sprint if I’m being chased by bees or wasps) an average of 40,000 steps per day according to my pedometer.  These credentials make it safe to say that I see a LOT in the course of my day on foot and wheels! [Read more…]

Professional or Hobby Pet Sitter-What You Need to Know Before Choosing

A Professional Pet Sitter provides personalized, expert care for your pets.

A Professional Pet Sitter provides personalized, expert care for your pets.

Most pet owners have had to make the decision to trust someone to care for their pets in their absence. When it comes to choices, there are many options to consider. Many pet caregivers entrust boarding kennels outside of the home to care for pets. Another popular option is in-home pet care, which enables pets to stay in the home environment with an outside pet care provider coming in for a pre-determined number of visits for the length of the owners absence.

When looking for an in home pet sitter, one of the first factors that pet owners consider is cost. There are many resources available in choosing a pet sitter online and the community. Websites offering discount pet sitting services are in abundance. Advertisements and business cards flood pet supply stores and veterinarian offices. Professional Pet Sitters advertise their services in these high traffic areas as well as Hobby Sitters looking to make extra income. How do you know who will be the best choice for your pet’s needs? [Read more…]

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