Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Unless you live or winter in a warm climate, there’s a good chance that during this time of year, you’ve have to adjust your pet’s lifestyle (and your own) to accommodate the frigid temperatures.

Because our pets have fur, we often do not think about protecting them from the elements. However, our furry family members need protection from the cold winter temperatures as well.

Read on for tips on protecting and maintaining your pet’s health during the cold, dry winter months!

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Why Your Dog Needs Physical AND Mental Stimulation


I have a confession to make. My ‘middle dog’ as I have always referred to her as, was an pup obtained on impulse. 

I ‘rescued’ her from a neighborhood kid that I tutored when I was volunteering for AmeriCorp while attending EMU. We reunited many years later when he, now a teenager, was walking her off leash early afternoon on a sweltering summer day in my neighborhood. I remember my neighbor and I were looking at all the flowers and greenery growing in my butterfly garden at the time. [Read more…]

Beat the Heat-Give Your Dog a Frozen Kong

Kong StuffingWhen temperatures reach the danger zone, it can be difficult to keep our pets occupied with the typical outdoor exercise that we enjoy together in summer. However, with a little creativity, planning and just a few items, we can create a tasty, healthy treat that will satisfy our dogs’ desire to chew as well as beat the summer heat!

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