Prepare Your Pet For Fireworks

Fireworks CardSummer holidays are a time of year we look forward to. We enjoy time off work vacationing, family reunions take place and we enjoy the hot, long summer days.

The first official holiday of summer, Independence Day, is celebrated in a major way (and with good reason)! Celebrations are planned and most of these celebrations have fireworks involved. The colorful displays and big bangs are something we look forward to every year but this is a big source of stress for many pets.

While some pets seem not to be bothered by fireworks, many pets display mild to severe anxiety related to the noise created by loud fireworks. Noise sensitivity can increase in pets as they get older.

If your pet exhibits signs of extreme distress related to fireworks, it is best to consult your veterinarian for options available to make your pet more comfortable during the Fourth of July holiday. Your vet may decide to prescribe an anti-anxiety medication to diminish severe anxiety due to fireworks.

If your pet does not like fireworks but may benefit from environmental modifications in order to decrease stress related to fireworks, there are some strategies you can implement at home in order to ease your pet’s anxiety.

Some dogs with mild to moderate anxiety may benefit from products like a ThunderShirt which many owners have used with great success.  Other pets respond well to closing curtains and blinds as well as having some sort of ‘white noise’ that will mask the sound of the fireworks. We leave music or the local weather channel on for our dogs while we are out; since they are used to this background noise, we play this music during fireworks to distract them from the noise.

These strategies are just a small sample of environmental modifications you can provide for your pets that do not like fireworks. There are many other ways you can help comfort your pets that do not like fireworks depending on their level of anxiety.

Here are additional steps you can follow to ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible during the Fourth of July Festivities. We love this resource because the information addresses the wide spectrum of anxiety pets express due to fireworks as well as detailed step by step solutions!

Check out the link below. Happy Independence Day to you and your pets!

How to Look After Pets During Fireworks

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